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Swivel Shackle

Blacksmithing Discussions 17 Jul 2017
Anybody ever try one of these?
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Blacksmithing Discussions 16 Jul 2017
Once was a time sharpening plowshares was pretty routine work for a rural smith. Now it's pretty difficult to find anybody that knows how or has even seen it done for that matter. This guy has a lot of skill and knowledge. Very informative:
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Rule of 33

The Business of the Trade 16 Jul 2017
Any of you guys use this method?
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Riding in Russia Езда в России

Horses!!!!! 16 Jul 2017
Ok Russians, I'll get you all to participate around here if it's the last thing I ever do. Tell us all what's going on in this film and tell us all about the equine industry in your country? Хорошо, русские, я приглашу вас всех принять участие здесь, если это последнее, что я когда-либо делал.Р...
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Plating Runners for Godolphin

Race Plating 16 Jul 2017
A nice piece here on Derek Poupard and the Godolphin operation:
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