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    horses and hooves, Chickens and educating new owners. Photography, Criminal Minds (TV), books. ALSO I love using my Kimber, and my Colt 38 special. Kimber is so well balanced, and the Colt is so easy to load, that's under my pillow!
  1. Gaitinfool


    Hi . I see some are still hanging in there and are still farriers, LOL. I broke my arm in December and since then I have had a "real" farrier do my horse. I actually found someone who is on time, and best of all does a good job and is EDUCATED like all of you. He actually gets no input from me and my horse "sounds" right . What I mean is I can "hear" when she is properly balanced. He charges almost twice the pitiful rate the rest charge but I don't care what they charge, just what they know and how good they are. Unless there's an emergency, I am not trimming any feet anymore. My stamina is pitiful. I'm back at my old barn since last June. The owner at the other one had been real sick on and off and the woman who was running the place for her was a psychopath. She was moving my horse to different pastures every week with BS excuses, and one day moved her into the only pasture with no trees (in Florida) . So I had her stalled during the day. The barn had six beautiful stalls, one used for major storage. She was the only horse in the barn and psycho cleaned out the storage stall at the end and put my horse in there with twine across the door way because it had no door. I come one day and her water bucket had dust in it and she tried to tell me that my horse drank a bucket of water before noon. I told her that's not true. Anyhow I went back to the place I left in 2012, and I don't have to worry about her. So I'm back to having access to a beautiful grass 6 mile run of a canal with 30 feet of grass on each side. And the whole barn area is shaded. In the interim I bought a boat. A little Hurricane deck boat (shallow and wide) and go fishing when I can. My husband won't go on it so I go alone. No big deal. The bay area (gulf of Mexico) is pretty shallow until about 3 miles out , about 6-7 feet and I can see the bottom, the water is pretty clear. The water is usually calm. In Florida, most people keep their boats in dry storage which is like rows that are 3 boats high. Then you call and they have the boat out waiting for you. They use this huge lift/crane that picks up the boat and takes it across the street to the dock. When you're done they take the lift and carry your boat back, wash it down and put it away. Hope everyone is doing well. Karen
  2. Gaitinfool

    Camping-any one use a camper?

    Thinking of buying a camper because my daughter is looking at a Chevy or Ram 2500 and a fifth wheeler. I would love to camp with her. But my interests lie in more of a hybrid camper, maybe 21 feet. Maybe 2nd hand. I'd like to get away with not taking a loan out.
  3. Gaitinfool

    Question about change in shoeing

    Being a probable laminitis, and belonging to a person who is not familiar with anything hoof related, she'll have to refer to her farrier-like everyone else. No matter what I see and keep to myself. I think I'm an expert in that, LOL
  4. Gaitinfool


    My mule didn't seem like her feet were so different than a horse. I didn't change the way her feet should be. Her hoof ended farther forward and was more upright. So I just followed what I saw.
  5. Gaitinfool


    These wacko trimmers don't seem to get that . I wonder what happens when they get a hoof who should not be like the instructions they follow? They claim to follow %&^&*( guidelines, but they don't. If they did, a low heel would be a low heel.
  6. Gaitinfool

    Sad for me, but that's life

    Okay, a Diamond. Is a twelve inch what you recommended before?
  7. Gaitinfool

    New phone

    Female, Apricot, Roxanne. The taller she gets, the more she can reach off the table. The time came for our last dog to go. I didn't want another dog. But then all I could think of is burying my face in poodle hair. I asked hubby , he said he doesn't want any froo froo dog and we need to pick the next one out together. Ha! that'll happen. I turned around and put an application in for a puppy from a breeder. I have to figure out how to post pics all over again.
  8. Gaitinfool


    I am sick of this whole system where people's votes do not really count. The whole political system has become a system of payoffs and favors. I wonder how many people are sick of what this has become? How many people want something different than what's been shoved at us for years? People can make a difference -it seems the whole GOP is blatantly attacking whoever will change their "Good Ole Boy" system.
  9. Gaitinfool


  10. Gaitinfool


    I trimmed a mule for over 3 years. From a yearling on. She loved jerking her hind legs away. But never kicked. Kicking became a non issue at 6 months old. I was taught by a farrier what Never to do.
  11. Gaitinfool

    Question about change in shoeing

    That's a thought. And probably the right one.
  12. Gaitinfool

    New phone

    Sounds really good , Linda. I've spent 2.5 years unemployed, and this past 6 months on disability/retirement. I had a lot of catch up to do. Now I find a million things that need renewing. It just does not seem to end. Oh, and I got a new puppy. A standard poodle.
  13. I don't get involved in other people's hoof stuff. Never have. Not my business, So this is purely for my curiousity. There is a mare that has always had just regular shoes on the front. Now with new farrier, she has some kind of gel packing, "casting" ?(webbing glued onto hoof) , and rocker shoes. I had asked the woman about it just out of curiosity, and she said it's because the horse did some hoof waving or paddling (?) and forged without damage, tripping sometimes. I didn't ask for more information . So, hypothetically, why on earth would a horse need all that? It's got to be pricey. The horse was owned by the barn owner for a few years, then sold to this woman, and not known by me to have any problems.
  14. Well at the place I board at, there's about 25-30 horses. James was the farrier for years. But James was I guess getting burnout, and the barn owner was not happy with his work. I even noticed that he wasn't doing a great job on my horse like he did all along. But didn't complain, just fixed it. Just a bit out of m-l balance. I think his back was really past the point of no return. He was good and taught me alot a few years ago. But barn owner did discuss with him that it was too much work for him. So she gets Jeff and brother. One shoes, one trims. I have to say that they did a good job. Never a problem. Rockered my horse's hind toes to stop horse from forging. It worked well. However barn owner said they were taking far too long even tho they only did 5 horses a visit. So to my surprise, she offered me the job!! I almost cried. Sadly, I do not have the stamina to take on a job like that. In fact I have no stamina at all. I handed off my horse 1.5 years ago when I was working as a visiting nurse. If anyone took a long time to trim one horse, it's me. I just can't do it timely. I did not take the job. So owner hires the farrier , we'll call him Bill, who I had lots of problems with at the previous barn I was at. He continuously left the medial hoof walls about 1/3+ inch (8-9mm) longer to "straighten her legs". So he does my horse here, not even told it's my horse, and does the same thing -he probably knows it's my horse. So the owner called him back to level the walls. He did but he did such a horrible job that he won't be touching my horse again. Maybe it's retaliation. It's like he leveled m/l walls but nothing else. So what I got was m/l sides balanced but nothing else trimmed appropriately. The soles left higher on one side, bars higher on one side, and one broke off , and left a ridiculously high heels on her high side (high/low syndrome.) How do I know? You won't believe how much sole came out of the seat of corn areas. I would not dare to exaggerate to you professionals. So I did the fronts last night. Actually a good job but not a great job. I'll have to tackle the backs on another night. One thing is odd on the backs. They are flared, have chunks missing, but are trimmed at such a good balance that her hooves make a cup noise when hitting the ground. Like the entire wall is landing perfectly flat. Or maybe it's because I backed her toes up slightly in the front? So I am back to doing my own horse. Linda had recommended a 12" hoof trimmer to me. Which brand is good under $100?
  15. Gaitinfool


    I don't know if this fits, but I had tried for years to get my horse's angles higher in the back, only to end up with the angles 2-3 degrees lower. I'm lucky if I can get within 1degree. Then I realize I will probably never get there because horse is sickle hocked and standing her up will not be a good idea. Make sense?